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Ten Reasons To Install External Wall Insulation

Ten Reasons to Install External Wall Insulation

If your property has solid walls that are not insulated, you might want to consider external wall insulation as this could bring with it a wealth of benefit for your home as well as your expenditures. So, if you are considering external wall insulation, it can help to find out why you should install it.

Improve Comfort

If your property benefits from good insulation, it will mean that all heat that is produced will remain in your property. This means that it won’t be lost through walls and can help to keep your home comfortable. Furthermore, it will also prevent heat from coming into the property during the summer months. What this means is that the temperature within your home will remain relatively even, keeping you comfortable.

Save Money

The insulation will prevent heat from escaping and that means that your boiler and heating system won’t have to work too hard to keep the temperature warm. It also means that you will be able to turn on your boiler and use it less often as the heat is retained in your home. This means that you will be able to make savings, particularly if you use a thermostat to control the heat.

Lower Carbon Emissions

While insulations have an impact on your energy bills, it will also help you to reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions that are causing problems with global warming. The majority of heating systems will use fossil fuels such as gas and this can lead to an increase in Co2 when they are burned. Even those properties that use electricity to generate heat will also generate Co2 as power stations need to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity. 

Enhanced Look

This is dependent on the condition of your property but should you choose exterior insulation then you could completely improve its appearance. You can benefit from a wide choice of finishes and this can include the likes of textured render and smooth render that you can then paint in any colour you wish. You can even choose from a range of effects that can include the likes of brick and stone effect, enabling you to change the existing appearance.

Improved Sound Resistance

While thermal insulation is designed to help your home retain heat, it can also provide sound resistance from outside noise. This provides a significant benefit from those properties that are located on main roads or even busy flight paths.

Add to the Value of Your Property

The cost of insulation can range from anything between £7,000 and £15,000 and so, when you have it installed it is going to enhance the appeal of your property and add value. The Energy Performance Certificate is a serious consideration for buyers when they are looking at properties and if your rating is better than others then it is going to help raise its value.

Makes Your Property Weatherproof

The insulation is weatherproof which means that it will add an additional level of protection to your property. This means it will reduce the ingress of water and that can help to reduce the risk of damp within your home. When your walls are well-insulated, it will also help to reduce condensation as the moisture in the air is less likely to form as condensation on the warmer walls.

Simple Installation

While solid walls can be insulated from the inside, it will mean that you lose valuable space in your rooms and it can be disruptive. Furthermore, you will need to move switches and sockets as well as skirting boards and all other wall fittings and fixtures. While external insulation will also involve the removal of things such as light fittings and drainpipes, the work is a lot easier to complete than interior insulation.

There are Grants Available

While the cost of exterior insulation might leave you wondering if it is worth it, you’ll be pleased to know that there are grants available. You can access through the Energy Companies Obligation Grants that can cover up to as much as 25% of the cost and there is also the Green Homes Grant Scheme from the government too. This can cover up to £5,000 in vouchers to cover up to 66% of the cost. Also, those families with a low income can also access a £10,000 voucher that can cover the entire cost.

The Work is Guaranteed

When you are investing in insulation, it helps to know that you are protected by a 25-year guarantee, this will mean that you are protected, should any problems arise.

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