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Top  7 Reasons To Insulate Your Home

Top 7 Reasons to Insulate Your Home

Without the right insulation for your home, you could find that you are losing heat, spending more and might not be living in the right level of comfort. However, if you are considering insulation then the reasons below will show you exactly how you can benefit.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Home

Without insulation in place, heat will rise through your home and can be lost via your walls and your roof too.

When you opt to have insulation, you will be putting a level of resistance in place that makes it difficult for heat to dissipate from your property. This will mean that you will retain more heat and that will mean that you will need to heat it less, which means your home becomes more efficient.

Improves Comfort

If you are constantly losing heat from your property then you might find that your home is cold and uncomfortable at times. With insulation, you will have the opportunity to improve thermal comfort because you will reduce cold drafts and heat loss. This means that the temperature will remain stable throughout the year, making your home more comfortable.

Reduces the Problem of Thermal Bridges

While you might have some insulation in place, it is possible to suffer from thermal bridges whereby the insulation is compromised and allows heat to escape in certain areas. However, with new insulation, you can ensure that your home is completely insulated.

Reduce the problem of Mould and Condensation

Where there is a significant difference between the internal and external temperature of surfaces in a home, condensation can occur. If you have damp walls and problems with condensation then it could indicate that you need insulation. With insulation, you will be able to ensure that the amount of cold air that meets the warm air of your home is reduced and that helps to reduce the problem of condensation.

Air temperature is also connected to the growth of mould in your property as well as humidity.  However, if you opt to add insulation then you will ensure that the surface temperature is higher and that alone will ensure that the risk of mould is reduced. It’s important to consider this because mould will not only cause the condition of your home to deteriorate but it is also a problem for our health.

There are Grants Available

If you thought that insulation was going to cost you a lot of money then it is time to think again. In fact, there are government grants available that will enable you to have insulation installed at a fraction of the cost if you are eligible.

Many of the main energy providers also have to offer their own schemes too, and you could take advantage of it by applying for it with them. To be eligible for the grants you must be in receipt of benefits although there are some grants that will pay up to a certain percentage of the cost where possible. Find out more about the grants available here.

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