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Flat Roof Insulation Grants

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Flat roof insulation grants are available under the ECO scheme. Find out if you could qualify for a free grant by completing our online application form.
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Introduction To Flat Roof Insulation

If you are finding that your energy costs are increasing and that your space is never as warm as you would like or expect it to be, then you are likely to need to have insulation installed.

While you might think that insulation cannot be installed on a flat roof then it’s time to think again because there are many options available to you. The reality is that investing in this service is going to ensure that your home and property are energy-efficient. Whether your flat roof is recently installed or came with an older property, you have the opportunity to invest in your home in a way that makes a significant difference.

Don’t Waste Money on Lost Heat

Many people believe that insulation is not as effective as others think it might be but that is not the case. In fact, if you have your flat roof insulated, you can prevent as much as 25% of the heat from getting lost. The heat in your home rises and as flat roofs are relatively thin, the heat is lost rapidly but you can change all of that by opting to have flat roof insulation

Through choosing to insulate your roof, you will see your energy costs drop as you will be able to heat your home more efficiently and we are confident that we have a range of insulation options that will enable you to find an insulation solution that works for you.

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Warm Roof - Installing Insulation From the Outside

One of the options available to you is to insulate your roof from the outside. In doing this, the bearing structure will also be insulated too. What this means is that any differences in temperature will be minimum and it also reduces the risk of minimising cracking. A warm roof will act as a heat buffer for your property and so, the construction will save heat during the day and as it becomes cooler, it is reduced. This form of flat roof insulation method is one of the options that is most commonly used.

This is installed through a vapour barrier that is applied to the roof of the construction and this prevents damp from condensing within the insulation material. During the process, insulation boards are installed too, and this is then followed with the roof covering.

It’s common to finish off this form of insulation with gravel or tiles although this will depend on the function of the roof. In the instance of warm rood, your roof is an integral part of the insulation shell and this will ensure that you maximise your insulation.

Cold Roof - Insulating From the Inside

Opting for the cold roof insulation method requires it to be applied when the option of installing insulation to the outside is not possible. This is often the case where current flat roofs, as a result of technical reasons are relatively low in height.

This method involves installing the insulation in between the beams of the roof. Once the insulation has been installed and on top of this is the roof boarding with the roofing on top.

While this is a completely reliable form of insulation, this is the preferred option in situations where it is not possible to insulate your flat roof on the outside. This is a great option and still provides a significant level of heat loss and that can help you to save money on your bills and save the amount of energy and heat that is lost.

Apply For Your Free Insulation Grant

Following your successful application, we will arrange a free, no obligation survey to ensure the maximum grant is obtained and advise you on the best products to reduce your homes energy usage.

Installing Insulation on the Existing Roof Covering

We understand that every flat roof is different and there are those instances where a flat roof serves as a roof terror or the roof is actually accessed and walked upon. When the current roof has to be retained, an inverted roof is the preferred option too. As a result, the insulation is installed on top of the roof covering and following this, a layer of gravel, wood or tiles are added while the entire roof construction remains unchanged.

This is a quick and efficient way of installing insulation and it means that the construction remains unaffected while it is cost-effective.

A Flat Roof Insulation Service You Can Rely On

Opting for flat roof insulation is a crucial decision to make but once that you can benefit from immensely. With the right professional service and installation, it’s possible to benefit from all that it has to offer while saving money on energy bills at the same time.

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